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LM-49 Foreign Language Courses a.a. 2018/2019

Dear students,

below you will find some useful information about the “Language and Culture” courses included in, and the language skills required by your Master’s degree program.

As you surely know, the “International Tourism and Destination Management” degree program includes two language courses: in the first semester of the first year you will attend the English Language and Culture course, and in the second semester of the second year you can choose between French and Hispanic Language and Culture.

Each language course consists of classes taught by the teacher in charge (54 hours) and classes taught by a native speaking teacher (30-40 hours). Both are part of the teaching program and are complementary: on the one hand the main object of study will be the specialized language of tourism, and on the other you will study grammatical and communicative contents in depth. Therefore, you should consider that language courses have a larger number of hours compared to the other courses. Check on your class schedule: if you don’t see the native speaking teacher’s classes, please ask the senior tutor, the secretary or the teacher in charge, and they will help you to find the relevant timetable.

The Language Centre (CLA) of the University of Macerata offers international students Italian language courses at different levels in the first and second semester.

You can find more information here:


Please remember that Italian language courses are extracurricular, which means that they can’t replace French or Spanish courses in your study plan.

For further information, or if you have any doubts, please contact the teachers in charge of the language courses.

English Language and Culture


Hispanic Language and Culture

If you are interested in the Double Degree program with the University of Oviedo (Spain), we recommend that you attend the Hispanic language and culture course during your first year instead of the second: this will allow you to get the level of Spanish you need to attend the courses in Oviedo, and to take the second foreign language exam, which is not offered by the Spanish University.

For your information, the coordinator of the Double Degree is prof. Alessio Cavicchi, but you can also ask prof. Amanda Salvioni.


French Language and Culture

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