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Elective Courses

The students can decide between subjects offered in the educational syllabus of the Department, as well as of the University, or for activities with credits different than teachings (seminars, laboratory, meetings, etc…) as long as they are coherent with the goals of the Course of Study.

Elective educational activities, on condition that they are consistent with the educational path, shall be intended as opportunities to increase, complete and personalize the educational path. The student can opt for:

1. Same-level didactic activities ofthe Study Courses, sincethe Council considers that the whole same-level educational offeringis consistentwith the educational objectives of the Course;

2. Activities other than didacticthat are accredited by the Council;

3. Other activities not referred to in points 1 and 2, bringing the request to the Council’s attention through a plain paper application addressed to the Student Secretary. For these activities to be evaluated, the student must submit, alongwith his/her application, all documentation proving attendance of the educational activity and a brief report on topics presented.

Any elective activity besides didactic does not constitute the grade point average aimed at attributing the grade at the final exam.

Every year, in order to support the student in the choice of activities coherent with the Course of Study, the Board of the Course of Study defines a list of activities considered eligible. The list is integrated during the academic year, also considering the requests of validation of seminars or events organized by other Courses of Study or external Bodies.

Elective educational activities

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