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Home Courses Double degree - until A.Y. 2018/2019

Double degree - until A.Y. 2018/2019

Double degree UNIMC/University of Oviedo / Spain

The new Master  degree (LM-49) in LM-49 International Tourism and Destination Management - ITourDeM , until A.Y. 2018/2019 gives the possibility to achieve the double degree in  "TURISMO, DIRECCION DE IMPRESAS Y ACTIVIDADES TURISTICAS" at the "Facultad de Turismo de Oviedo" (Spain).

Within  the  Master degree in ItourDeM, offered entirely in English, is renewed the agreement with the University of Oviedo /Spain.
The Facultad de Turismo de Oviedo ( will host students from UNIMC during the  second year of studies. To participate in this special program students enrolled in the first year will be required to take a test, on  January 2017, through which will be decided who is  eligible for an Erasmus  grant(4 students) and who
will be admitted without scholarship, with the maximum number of 5 students. (Except for the possibility of increasing the number, in case of further requests).

Aside from the double degree with the University of Oviedo, students in  ItourDeM have a wide range of opportunities for Erasmus mobility: (contacts are available on this website: )

In addition, the Erasmus traineeship (Placement until 2014) offers numerous stages opportunities abroad in different  private and public institutions related to the field of tourism, as well as to the management of cultural heritage and planning of rural areas.

Professors to contact:  Alessio Cavicchi I Amanda Salvioni

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