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Within the context of the globalisation process, the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism aims at:

  • developing research activity focused on the enhancement of educational processes and cultural heritage, intending to let consciousness and reflexivity in individual identities grow and to create value;
  • integrating scientific research with didactics;
  • providing a highly professional preparation through first, second and third level university courses to future professionals in the field of both school and extra-school education and training, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and tourism, as well as in the context of both public administration and for-profit and not-for-profit organisations;
  • internationalising research and educational cooperation relations, on a trans-European level;
  • interacting and collaborating with local, national and international players for innovation in research and teaching processes.

The Department has therefore enabled the internationalisation processes of both teaching (with double qualification courses, offering lessons in foreign languages, with the presence of foreign teachers) and research (participation in European research projects and international research groups).



The Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism is a complex structure, managed by political and scientific Steering Bodies supported by an equally complex administrative structure, which is composed of three different Organisation Units:

  • Administrative and Financial Management Organisation Unit
  • Didactics and Student Organisation Unit
  • Research and Internationalisation Organisation Unit

coordinated by a single Administrative Manager.

The multiple Organisation Units’ functions are interrelated in order to ensure the fullest and best functioning of the whole apparatus, to the advantage of the main activities and the services offered in relation to didactics and research.

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