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In dialogue with the Society: the Third Mission of the Department

The University of Macerata has been adopting the motto “Innovation through humanities” since 2011, in association with the Unimc logo, thus reaffirming the impact that a research activity oriented towards the human and social sciences can have on society. This is the context within which the objectives and strategic lines of the third mission activities of the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism are outlined and they are based on the general intention of increasingly joining education, research, European and national project planning and management, with the aim of contributing to the innovation and creation of value for the territory and society. Third mission activities of the Department are mainly intended for workers in the education sector at all levels: nursery schools; kindergartens; primary and secondary schools; training institutions; users of training activities and services offered in the territory; institutions operating and intervening in the sector of cultural and tourist heritage; tour operators and farmhouses; workers in the field of tourism and agri-tourism, particularly, territorial and food and wine marketing; users of cultural and tourist services offered throughout the territory of the Marche region.