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Archaeological missions

The enhancement of historical and artistic heritage is a visible sign of the social role that the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism plays within its community, as it is a privileged form of communication with the public, that contributes to the education and awareness-raising of visitors, with respect to the testimonies of the past.

The archaeological field surveys and excavations carried out in our territory and open to the public - particularly, the archaeological  field surveys activities carried out within the project called "R.I.M.E.M. Ricerche sugli Insediamenti Medievali nell’entroterra delle Marche” (Research on Medieval Settlements in the hinterland of Marche region) and the archaeological excavations in the area of the Roman baths of Tifernum Mataurense -, contribute to increase greater consideration with regards to the testimonies of our history and therefore to a growth of collective consciousness, given also the attention paid in conveying the objectives of these archaeological missions.

The Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism carries out its archaeological surveys through two procedures: