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Activities in Tifernum Mataurense (Sant’Angelo in Vado – Pesaro Urbino)

Archaeological investigations

The Cultural Heritage area of this department, particularly the reasearch team led by professor Emanuela Stortoni, has been undertaking periodical surveys aiming at the study of the town of Tifernum Mataurense (i.e. Sant’Angelo in Vado, in the province of Pesaro Urbino), as well as, the process of settlement, expansion and anthropization of the ager (field), in collaboration with the the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape and with the municipal administration of the town. Annual excavation campaigns have been carried out for almost 20 years, particularly in different areas of the town – i.e. Campo della Pieve, via Ghibelline and Colombaro district – in order to realize investigations on the road network, the urban planning and infrastructure system, as well as on public and private constructions. Currently, excavations are focusing on the area of public thermal baths, following to the recovery of the colonnade entrance, of the canonical frigidarium-tepidarium-calidarium path, including the apse and figurative polychrome mosaics, as well as, of the gym and the natatio (swimming pool).


Organization of (municipal and national) archaeological repositories and inventory of collected finds, in terms of knowledge, preservation and study of materials from Tifernum Mataurense

The reasearch team from Macerata has carried out yearly activities of inventory of archaeological materials, collected during the excavations in the area of Tifernum Mataurense; also, it has recently organized the archaeological repository located at the basement of the town hall, with the purpose of ordering and collecting all the archaeological finds coming from excavations and surveys, which have so far been kept in different municipal and national repositories. This activity has been realized both with the aim of organizing, acknowledging and preserving all the material from Tifernum Maturense and also of making it accessible to the scholars.

Restoration and preservation

Constant interventions of restoration, preservation and maintenance of ancient buildings are carried out simultaneously to reaseach activities in Tifernum Mataurense, thanks also to the collaboration with teams of professional art consevators from Florence.

Teaching activities

Excavations are carried out each year with the help of graduates, graduands, PhD students and students, both from the 3-year undegraduate course in Cultural Heritage and Tourism, and from the postgraduate course in Cultural Heritage Management, who, together with the team of professor Stortoni, realize professional training activities, valid for gaining curricular credits in the archaelogy disciplines. Also, in order to foster integration and cultural enrichment, excavations campaigns are open for internships to students from other Italian and foreign universities, as well as to disabled students, to whom adequate activities are reserved. In the past years, the activity “A lavoro con gli archeologi (Working with archaeologists)” has been realized with high school students, who have been involved in activities in support of the archaeological excavations. Teaching and research activities are realized in a little multifunctional lab, located near the excavations’ area, useful for activities of inventory, graphic and photographic evaluations, restoration and repository of materials. The lab has also a briefing room, a specialized library, a showcase and a bookshop.

Activities related to musealization, enhancement and archaelogical communication

The evidence of the remarkable historical and archaeological value of the area of Sant’Angelo in Vado, as well as, the potential economic and touristic income for the town, has convinced the researchers’ team from Macerata and all the bodies involved in the agreement, to elaborate a project called Tifernum Mataurense: antico municipio romano. Museo e Parco Archeologico (The museum and archaelogical park of Tifernum Mataurense: an ancient roman town hall). The project has been implemented following the settlement of the archaeological area of the town and the setting-up of a part of the Archaeological Museum within Palazzo Mercuri, where show and educational rooms display imitations of daily life and work of the inhabitans of Tifernum Mataurense, such as the textile industry and mosaic techniques.

Each year, we propose several other initiatives aiming at the enhancement of the archaeological site with respect to the general public. In the last 3 years those events gained the favour of the general public and particularly of school teachers, with whom we are implementing collaborations. Among the initiatives aiming at the promotion of the site, there has been a series of events called “Vado per la città antica” (“Walking around the ancient town of Sant’Angelo in Vado”), managed by the reasearchers’ team of the University of Macerata, in collaboration with the municipality of Sant’Angelo in Vado and its related Superintendence:

Il punto (A recap) – weekly afternoon meetings, taking place in the area of the roman thermal baths in Colombaro district each Wednesday, in order to keep the citizenship constantly updated on the latest outcomes of the week, in relation to the investigations of the ongoing excavations.

La Domus del mito tra terra e cielo (The domus of the myth between earth and sky)evening meeting taking place at the beginning of the excavations campaigns, in the little square in front of the entrance to the archaeological site of “Domus del mito” in the area of Campo della Pieve; participants can match the illustrated myths of the domus floors with the corresponding constellations.

Tra le segrete stanze della domus (Throughout the domus secret rooms) – meeting taking place in the middle of the excavation campaign, at Campo della Pieve area, in order to experience the daily life in “Domus del mito”.

AperiTerme (Wine and food tasting at the thermal baths) – evening meeting between archaeologists and the citizenship, taking place in the area of the thermal baths at the end of the excavations, also combined with music, wine and food tasting.

I lunedì dell’archeologia (Archaeology on Mondays)series of meetings/discussions, between academic experts and the citizenship, on topics related to archaeology, history and enhancement of Tifernum Mataurense, which take place each Monday in July.

Activities in Firmum Picenum (Fermo)

Organization of (municipal and national) archaeological repositories and inventory of collected finds, in terms of knowledge, preservation and study of materials from the municipal and national collection in the town of Fermo

The study group led by professor Emanuela Stortoni, in collaboration with the municipality of Fermo and the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of the Marche region, has carried out activities of matching and inventory of items belonging to the archaeological municipal collection, as well as, activities of organization and cataloging of archaeological materials (of national property), recovered from the excavations all over the territory and kept in the archaeological repository in Fermo. Other purposes of these activities are: reconstructing the origin and history of the single finds of municipal property; making photographic evalutions of the items of municipal property, as well as, of the goods of national property; collecting data for an historical and archaeological study of the ancient colony of Firmum Picenum, in order to have a deeper acknowledge and preservation of archaeological remains from Fermo’s repositories.

Setting up of the municipal Archaeological museum in Fermo

Our study team is currently committed in the setting up of a section about the Romans, in the newly established municipal Archaeological Museum in the town of Fermo, working in collaboration with the municipality of Fermo, the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of the Marche region and the University “Federico II” of Naples.

Activities for students about to graduate and job placements for graduates

The organization of repositories and the setting up of the Romans’ section have been possible thanks also to the collaboration of both graduating students and graduates from our Department, during their professional and curricular training activities in the archaeological field.


Alternative forms of communication about archaeology: theatre performances

Our study team has also contributed to the realization of alternative forms of communication about archaeology, by offering its collaboration and archaeological counselling in the field of the project La Poesia come migliore strumento di accesso alla conoscenza (Poetry as the best access tool to knowledge). Our team carried out the project in collaboration with the School of Sciences and Technology of the University of Camerino, and it consisted of the creation, production and performance of dramas, as those successfully performed in the main ancient theatres of the Marche region and of Sicily, i.e. Eratostene: il volto della terra (Eratosthenes: the earth’s face) and Aretusa, Canto delle Acque nelle Metamorfosi (Arethusa, the waters’ singing during the methamorphosis), whose author is the geologist Fabio Pallotta.

At this purpose, there is an innovative and inter-disciplinary approach among geology, archaeology, history and mythology; during the performances these knowledges mix together in a common and engaging artistic language, particularly through poetic dialogues, coreographies and music melodies.