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Innovative guidance and counselling

It is particularly important to offer orientation services to students during their studies, since university education period coincides with a crucial phase in terms of identity development and identification and implementation of student’s own professional projects. In our country, guidance and counselling as an approach for helping university students was originally conceived as an initiative aiming at supporting disabled people. Following this first area, these services have been subsequently widened and diversified in order to offer an answer to all students’ needs. In this context, both I-CARE project, implemented by the university of Macerata and STAY-IN and PREV-DROP projects, implemented in particular by the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism had the objective of enhancing the use of university services  by the students, who can gain a real educational project through the relationship teacher/learner, as it is based  on mutual responsibility and on the intent to strengthen more and more the quality and the effectiveness in studies, in the perspective of a future professional growth, both for the singular student and for the whole society.