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Play Marche srl is the first spin off company of the University of Macerata and it has been launched following to the implementation of a project of regional interest called: Play Marche: un Distretto regionale dei beni culturali 2.0” (Playmarche: a regional district of Cultural Heritage 2.0), that aims at the development of the Advanced Cultural District of the Marche region (Distretto Culturale Evoluto delle Marche).

“Play Marche” project is coordinated by the University of Macerata and, in particular, the Department of Education, Cultural heritage and Tourism participates through the activities of some professors. The project aims to develop and consolidate the economic sector of ICT technologies applied to communication, dissemination and advanced and innovative exploitation of cultural heritage.

Thanks to the joint collaboration among associate founders, university members and partner enterprises, Playmarche srl company provides with products and services intended for consumers of the communication sector and culminating in an integrated product of territorial marketing.

The target market of Play Marche srl is both national, thanks to a constant study on the existing cultural offer, as a source capable of conveying the economic impact and the tourist expenses on the different territorial economic sectors; and international, as the technologies applied to cultural heritage, particularly those related to projects of territorial marketing, produce contents and innovative use functionalities which are expendable in the global market.

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