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European projects

The Department of Educational Sciences, Cultural Heritage and Tourism has been involved since years in international projects, particularly in Education and ICT for Education and Training.

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Current involvement

PrevDrop Detecting and Preventing Drop out from Higher Education or Supporting Students to Switch Successfully to VET Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships

ESPAQ (coordinator) Enhancing Students Participation in Quality Assurance in Armenian HE – TEMPUS IV Structural measures Governance reform

SMART VALUE Scientific Modern Analysis of Research topic Value: Values and valuation as key factors in protection, conservation and contemporary use of heritage – a collaborative research of European (Cultural) Heritage JPI JHEP Joint Pilot Transnational Call for Joint Research Projects on Cultural Heritage

EduTeach Continuing Education to Preschool Teachers and Education Directors through Online Trainings Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships

Child in Mind Self-learning resources for informal childminders - Erasmus Plus-KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices-Strategic partnerships for vocational education and training

The Wine Lab Generating innovation between practice and research - Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances


TAXIStars (2015) Designing and Developing Flexible Vocational Training for a Mobile Profession  Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects

CARER + (2015) Ageing well in the community and at home: developing digital competences of care workers to improve the quality of life of older people ICT PSP Programme – Digital Inclusion

SIT (2015) Stimulators and Inhibitors of Culture of Trust in Educational Interactions Assisted by Modern Information and Communication Technology SEVEN FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME (7FP) Marie Curie Actions — International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)

FARM Inc (2015, coordinator) Introducing Marketing Principles in the Agricultural Sector Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation

STAY IN (2014, coordinator) Student Guidance for Inclusion Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus Multilateral Projects

NEST (2014) Network of Staff and Teachers in childcare services Lifelong Learning Programme – Comenius Networks

SINC@HE (2014) Support and Inclusion of students with disabilities at higher education institutions in Montenegro TEMPUS IV Joint Projects – Governance Reform

I-TUTOR (2013, coordinator) Intelligent Tutoring for Life Long Learning Lifelong Learning Programme – KA3-ICT Multilateral Projects

DL@WEB (2013) Enhancing the quality of distance learning at Western Balkan higher education institutions TEMPUS IV – Structural Measures – Governance Reform

INTERLINK (2006) Open Distance Learning Formazione di esperti nella progettazione, realizzazione e gestione di ambienti per la formazione on line e per la realizzazione di materiali didattici per l'on line – Interlink

QMPP (2007) Quality Management of Peer Production in E-Learning Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects

MUVENATION (2007) Motivating Pupils, linking Teachers trhough active learning with multi users virtuals environments Lifelong Learning Programme – Comenius Multilateral Projects

SMT (2007) Streaming Media Training Media Programme

NETMATE awareNEss raising Through social inclusion Media campaign And communication Training for social stakEholder National awareness raising actions on social inclusion and social protection Lifelong Learning Programme

NETTRAINING Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci

HOL (2007) History On Line Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus Multilateral Projects

INTERLINK (2005) Multiopac del libro scolastico europeo Interlink