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TITLE EduTeach: Continuing Education to Preschool Teachers and Education Directors through Online Trainings


FUNDING PROGRAMME Erasmus Plus-KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices-Strategic partnerships

Project reference: VG-SPS-BY-15-36-013864

CONSORTIUM Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen Nurnberg (Germany - coordinator),Tampere (Finland), STEPS (IT), Militos Consulting S.A.(Greece), Innovation Training Center (ES), Confederación de Centros de Educación Infantil (Spain), Budapest Muszaki es Gazdasagtudomanyi Egyetem (Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Hungary), Akademie für Kindergarten Kita und Hort Brode und Hovermann (Germany), Ipak Insitut za Simbolno Analizo in Razvoj Informacijskih Tehnologij Zadov (Sl), University of Macerata (Italy)

RUNTIME from 01.09.2015 to 31.08.2018

SHORT DESCRIPTION The aim of the EduTeach project is to design, test and implement an online learning programme adapted to the needs and interests of those responsible in education and care for young children (0-6 years) across Europe. Furthermore, EduTeach tends to forward research and development on models, methods, and didactic strategies for effective online training to educators, preschool teachers and education directors. The training programme will be modular, comprise between 3-5 learning hours per module and incoporate a fair balance between interactive and self-study learning activities. In total, among 30-50 learning hours will be developed within EduTeach. Topics covered by the training programme are explained in Section G.1 O1. The approach applied for each learning module consists of the following elements: 1. Self-study: Similar to the flipped classroom approach, participants will have the chance to first study the topic reading & watching educational material provided in a digital learning environment. 2. Storytelling: One main element in each module will be the integration of educational problem cases that are in line with the module topic and which professionals from all over Europe share.3. Webinars offering synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities: To balance text-intensive, theoretical parts, EduTeach plans to integrate thematic live webinars combining transfer of knowledge and practice-oriented discussions. The webinars will be moderated by a project partner and senior experts from the field will be invited to give keynote speeches on the topic. As part of the webinar, the recorded contextualized problem case will be played and jointly discussed.

FUNDING PROJECT 278.510,00 €

EU contribution 278.510,00 €

FUNDING UNIMC 27.628,00 €

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR Laura Fedeli from 14.12.2016


EVENTS Multiplier Event