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Farm Inc

Farm Inc - LLP - TOI

TITLE Farm Inc - Introducing Marketing Principles in the Agricultural Sector

AGREEMENT NUMBER -2013-1-IT1-LEO05-03986

FUNDING PROGRAMME Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo - Transfer of Innovation - LEONARDO DA VINCI

CONSORTIUM University of Macerata (Italy - applicant), Militos Consulting S.A (Greece - coordinator), INIPA (Italy), Committee of professional agricultaral organisations in the EU (Belgium), Hellenic American Union (Greece), Union "Farmers Parliament " (Latvia), RNDO Limited (Cyprus)

RUNTIME from 01/11/2013 to 30/10/2015

SHORT DESCRIPTION The overall objective of the Farm Inc project is to improve the quality of continuous vocational training and the acquisition of skills for the agricultural sector through the adaptation and further development of a specific marketing training tool. The challenge will be to highlight to the agricultural enterprises in the project countries (IT, EL, LV, CY, BE) the importance of using novel marketing principles such as branding and internationalisation in their workplace. Farm Inc will therefore develop training material to upgrade the skills to better brand and market rural products and to internationalise the business, taking full advantage of the chances that the EU Common Market has to offer. In the long term this will help to increase their bargaining power in the existing food chain and to open new market possibilities in a continuously evolving EU and World economy.

FUNDING PROJECT € 297.971,00 €

FUNDING UNIMC € 50.149,00 €