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Home News Eventi 25.10 - 22.11.2017: incontri della visiting scholar prof. Jocey QUINN

25.10 - 22.11.2017: incontri della visiting scholar prof. Jocey QUINN

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dal 25/10/2017 alle 15:00
al 22/11/2017 alle 11:00

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Programme of Teaching Visiting Scholar: Professor Jocey Quinn

The programme aims to help students understand post-humanism, how it is used successfully in research, how it encourages interdisciplinary approaches and how they can apply it in their own doctoral level research. Finally it will introduce findings from the visiting research project on ’The humanist university in a post-human world’.

PhD Students Education

Lesson 1 (3 hours) 25th October 15.00-18.00 Aula 10

Understanding Post-humanism Introduction Presentation: What is Post-humanism? Full Group: Questions and Discussion: Small Group Work: Possibilities and Problems in Post-humanism

Lesson 2 (3 hours) 14th November 14.30-17.30 Aula 15

Creating Post-humanist Methodologies in Educational Research Film: Beyond Words Project Presentation: Creating a Successful Post-human Methodology Full Group: Questions and Discussion Small Group Work: Designing your own post-humanist methodology

Lesson 3 (3 hours) (International Week) 22nd November 08.00-11.00 Aula 15

The Humanist University in a Post-human world Summary of the findings of the Visiting Scholar research project Questions and Discussion Small Group work: What are the implications for the future of University of Macerata? Final Comments and Ideas.

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