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The following requirements are needed to access to the Master’s Degree course in International Tourism and Destination Management:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: bachelor degree or a three-year diploma or a comparable foreign qualification recognized as equivalent in accordance with current legislation, and to appropriate skills that will be assessed on an individual basis;
  • Curricular requirements*: For those who got a Bachelor Degree in class L-15 (Tourism Science) issued by an Italian university or in the corresponding former degree class 39 (Tourism Science), a positive evaluation of the curriculum studiorum is granted. For those who obtained a different Italian academic qualification, the curricular requirements are granted only if students acquired at least 60 CFU in the basic and characterising disciplines indicated for the class L-15 (Tourism Science) as stated in the Ministerial Decree of 16 March 2007 “Determinazione delle Classi di laurea”. All information is specified in the REGULATIONS OF THE COURSE OF STUDY IN INTERNATIONAL TOURISM AND DESTINATION MANAGEMENT (see below)
  • Language skills**: see below;
  • Adequate personal knowledge: The verification of the adequate personal knowledge of the candidate is carried out through an orientation interview in order to verify that the level of the personal competences is adequate to the degree course. In case of a negative result, the Commission will instruct the candidate on how the adequate level of preparation can be achieved.


    1. Concerning the class L-15 (Tourism Science) or in the corresponding former degree class 39 (Tourism Science)  the positive evaluation of the curriculum studiorum is taken for granted.
    1. A three-year degree in classes L-18 (Economics and Business Management), L-12 (Language Mediation), L-11 (Modern Languages and Cultures), L-1 (Cultural Heritage) and L-33 (Economics) or, according to the corresponding former name, in classes 17 (Economics and Business Management Sciences), 3 (Linguistic Mediation Sciences), 11 (Modern Languages and Cultures), 13 (Cultural Heritage) and 28 (Economics), issued by any Italian university, obtained at any Italian university, are a preferential requirement.
    1. Preferred curricular requirements are ECTS/CFU granted in each of the following subjects (Economy - Law, Geography - History,  Sociology). See references here.
    2. In the absence of any of the above-mentioned curricular requirements, up to a maximum of 30 CFU, the admission to the Master’s Degree course is subject to the positive evaluation by the Commission of the personal knowledge of the students on the basis of an interview to be held before completing the enrolment. In order to be prepared for the interview, the Council of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Sciences informs the candidates on the readings to be made in order to meet the admission requirements and with reference to one or more of the following subject areas:
    • Economics and Law;
    • Geography and History;
    • Sociology.


    All students must satisfy the following requirements:

    • adequate English language competences a B2 level of the CEFR  (Cambridge B2, TOEFL 87, IELTS 6.5, BULATS 75, Unicert level II, CLES 2, CET4 and so on), or
    • be graduates of classes L-11 (Modern Languages and Cultures), L-12 (Language Mediation) or equivalent classes in which English was their first or second language, or
    • be English native speakers, or
    • be graduated in Bachelor’s degrees whose courses are taught in English.

    Those who have a certification lower than B2 level and who do not have a linguistic certification are required to pass an interview with the Commission in order to verify their personal knowledge. If the Commission considers the personal knowledge and competences of the student to be adequate, it will express a positive opinion.  In the event of a negative opinion, the Commission indicates to the candidate how to meet the entry requirements related to the knowledge of the English language.

    International students who, in the moment of pre-enrolment and the subsequent interview, do not have a level of knowledge of the Italian language equal to or higher than B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) are required to acquire 3 CFU of additional language knowledge (Italian language) as a part of their further educational activities. The activities valid for the achievement of the 3 CFU relating to knowledge of the Italian language will be indicated by the Council of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Sciences and subsequently publicised.

    PRE-ADMISSION APPLICATION for international students visa issued

    PRE-ENROLLMENT APPLICATION ON-LINE for international students visa issued - UNIVERSITALY PORTAL


    Follow the instructions at this webpage:


    When you will be in Italy, accepted candidates have to complete the enrollment procedure at the Università degli Studi di Macerata submitting the following documents to the “Segreteria Studenti - SFBCT"

    • a signed copy of the application for enrolment (to be downloaded and printed in the reserved student area );
    • one front and back photocopy of your ID card or other valid identity document;
    • the original of your university degree and of the exams certificate accompanied by the certified translations (the exam certificate can be replaced by the Diploma Supplement);
    • declaration of value issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate or a declaration released by an ENIC-NARIC center or a declaration from an official foreign institution or Diploma Supplement;
    • If you submit a Diploma Supplement to enroll in a Master’s Degree Course ('Laurea Magistrale') or to validate your previous student career, you don’t have to submit a certificate listing the exams you have passed;
    • The documents listed above must be submitted with an official translation in Italian. The official Italian translation must be attached to any document submitted in a foreign language. Such translation may be produced in your country or in Italy by local courthouses or by official or courthouse translators. Translations must then be certified by the relevant Italian Consulate, unless there are special agreements to the contrary. If your certificates are in English, you do not have to provide certificates translated into Italian.
    • official syllabus of the learning activities completed to obtain the foreign academic qualification, on the headed paper of the foreign university with stamp and signature (optional);
    • copy of the residence permit or receipt, confirming the application for the permit (only for non-EU equivalent students).

    For information, application and any support throughout the enrollment process, applicants can contact directly  SENIOR TUTOR of Department.

    INTERVIEW for all students

    The Commission Guidance, appointed by the Degree Programme Board, will schedule a calendar for the assessments according to the Academic Rules of ITourDeM Programme, which will be published on the Department website.The required skills and competencies will be verified through the assessment of the candidate’s curriculum and any other submitted documents.