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Pre-admission International Students extra-UE or holding a foreign qualification

for International students non-UE requiring a visa or holding a foreign qualification

prea-admission a.y. 2022/23

International students non-UE requiring a visa and holding a foreign qualification who wish to apply for one of the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme offered by the University of Macerata can start their application by requesting a preliminary online evaluation of their qualifications in the portal


DEGREE PROGRAMS on APPLY.UNIMC.IT of Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism

LanguageDegree Program Pre-admission application
bandiera italiana L-1&L-15 - PRE-ADMISSION APPLICATION
bandiera inglese
bandiera italiana


bandiera italiana
LM-89 - PRE-ADMISSION APPLICATION for international students visa issued


In order to start the procedure to obtain the visa, accepted candidates of study courses at University of Macerata need to submit their visa applications using the UNIVERSITALY portal. Within the UNIVERSITALY portal there will be all the information for the completion of visa purpose pre-applications, aimed at facilitating the access of candidates to university courses and related institutions. Students who are regularly pre-admitted with the status of “accepted” must pay attention to upload on the UNIVERSITALY portal the same documentation for which they have already been positively evaluated by the University of Macerata. The University will validate weekly your request.
The subsequent phases will be completed at the relevant Diplomatic-consular missions for the purpose of obtaining the study visa.

Here you can find the complete English version of procedures for entry, residency and enrolment for students requiring visas:


ONLY WHEN the prospective student is successful and his/her status on switches to ACCEPTED, the pre-enrolment process on Universitaly Portal can be started: please upload the same Academic qualifications certificates, Diploma, English proficiency, and any other documents you have submitted in your online application for the selected Bachelor or Master Degree.

Last but not least, please pay attention to all of the feedback you will receive by UNIMC Prospective student pre-admission team and respect any deadlines provided.

For information contact


If you are a NON-EU student, you must apply for an EU residence permit for study reasons within 8 days of your arrival in Italy. Please consult the dedicated webpage of the UniMC website.

  • PORTALE IMMIGRAZIONE (list of the local unions offering free support for the residence permit application: click on "Ricerca struttura" and select in the drop-down menu: Struttura PATRONATO / Provincia MACERATA / Comune MACERATA / Cap 62100)
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