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TITLE: DiTEMP: Digital Transformation and Employability: acquiring transversal competences in curricular education

AGREEMENT NUMBER: 2019-1-IT02-KA203-062324

FUNDING PROGRAMME: Erasmus Plus - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - KA203 - Strategic Partnership for higher education

CONSORTIUM: University of Padua (IT: coordinator), University of Aarhus (DK), Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Din Iasi (RO), Fundación Universidad-Empresa (ES), Universidad de La Laguna (ES), Militos Symvouleutiki A.E. (GR), University of Macerata (Italy)

RUNTIME: from 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2021

SHORT DESCRIPTION: The project aims at providing a model of intervention to integrate digital transformation concept in curricular education through:

- The definition of the learning outcomes for the development of competences related to digital transformation in business and field-specific disciplines;

- The design and planning of one semester of an integrated pathway in which learning outcomes of digital transformation will be embedded in different disciplines represented within the consortium;

- The training of trainers;

- The piloting of the semester, its evaluation and validation by teachers, support services staff (career centres), and students and the delivery of final field-specific learning modules;

- The provision of Guidelines for the acquisition of digital transformation competences through curricular pathways, which will include a) the framework of intervention; b) the tested learning materials to train the teachers; c) methods and tools to evaluate the pathway for improvement.

Key outputs:

- Methodological Framework, which will set up the model of intervention;

- How-to Guide for integrating the intervention in curricular education;

- Learning Toolkit addressed to teachers, to support them in integrating digital transformation into disciplinary courses;

- Field-specific learning modules, on digital transformation in four degree programmes and related labour markets (namely Psychology, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Business, Education);

- DiTEMP Guidelines, to adopt the Methodological Framework and its instruments and expand their use to other educational providers in Europe and beyond.

Expected outcomes:

- Raised awareness on the impact of digital transformation in the labour market;

- Improvements on learning offers for higher education teachers;

- Enhanced quality in equipping higher education students with employability skills;

- Increased integration among the academic body and support services;

- Improved inter-disciplinarity;

- Enhanced capacity to embed the world of work into academic curricula.

FUNDING PROJECT: 281.172,00 €

EU CONTRIBUTION: 281.172,00 €

FUNDING UNIMC: 56.953,00 €

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: prof. Alessio Cavicchi (fino al 31/08/2021); prof.ssa Alessandra Fermani a partire dal 01/09/2021