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Research Portrayal

Within the context of the globalisation process, the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism intends to develop research activities that are highly integrated with teaching and aimed at enhancing educational processes, cultural heritage and tourism.

In fact, it offers first, second and third level university education, which aims at preparing professionals who are able to operate expertly in the areas of education, curricular and extra-curricular training and in the field of social and economic enhancement of cultural heritage and tourism.

At the same time, while focused on the needs and resources of the territory, teaching and research activities also look at the international scene, and, in particular, towards the countries of the two shores of the Mediterranean.

The Department has therefore enabled the internationalisation processes of both teaching (with double qualification courses, offering lessons in foreign languages, the presence of foreign teachers) and research (participation in European research projects and international research groups).

Lastly, it has highly qualified facilities and services for didactics and research, among which, various research centres, three specialised libraries and a university museum of the school.

The University of Macerata signed the European Researchers’ Charter and the Code of Conduct for the employment of researchers