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PhD and research grants


The PhD is the highest level in university education and has a duration of 3 years. To be admitted to a PhD course, it is necessary to hold a postgraduate degree or a foreign qualification that is recognized as eligible. The selection for access to doctoral courses is carried out through a public call for applications. The training activity within the PhD, including any period of study abroad and internships in public and private institutions, aims at the acquisition of the skills needed to carry out high quality research activities and ends with the presentation of a final thesis.




Research grants are intended to support the collaboration of qualified young people in the research activities of the Departments and interdepartmental research centres of the University.
Research grants give those who have completed a PhD programme or graduates with an appropriate research curriculum, the opportunity to collaborate in ongoing research programmes at the Departments. Grants are awarded through a private contract. The contract does not represent, in any way, a contract of employment and does not give rise to rights of access to university staff positions.