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Admission Committee and Interviews

All students enrolling at the first year of the master’s degree course in “International Tourism and Destination Management/ITourDeM” (LM-49) must pass an interview to be formally admitted.


After having delivered the documentation to the administrative offices within pre-enrolment procedure, a specific Admission Committee will analyse it and evaluate the candidate’s entry qualifications (curricular requirements).

Afterwards, the Council of the courses in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Sciences will decide if the student are admitted to ITourDeM with or without gap(s) in specific subject areas.

Only in case of a successful result of the interview, students can proceed with the formal enrolment and the payment of the tuition fees, enabling them to advance in the career at the University of Macerata, by getting credits attached to exams and other teaching activities.


  • Students can attend classes while waiting for the Council’s decision and even before passing the interview
  • Students can sit any exam only after the formal enrolment and the settlement of the due tuition fees


General info about enrolment, interview, course and study plan:


General info about stay, visa, housing etc:

LM-49 ITourDeM - Admission committee a.y. 2021/22 (Council 16.04.2021)


a.y. 2021 / 2022

Deadline to submit pre-enrollment documents to the Secretary office of the University of Macerata

Email communication about pre-enrollment and areas to be studied for interview and test

Interview and test dates

1 option

31st August 2021

No later than 18th September 2021

24th September 2021

11 a.m. - 1 p.m.


2 option

30th September 2021

No later than 15th October 2021

29th October 2021

9 a.m. - 11 a.m.


3 option

31st October 2021

(Deadline for pre-enrolment)

No later than 19th November 2021

3rd December  2021

9 a.m. - 11 a.m.


Please register for the interview at least 5 days before the date, sending an email to

Modalities and references for the Interview A.Y. 2021/22

The interview will be ONLY oral for those students with no specific discipline areas to cover: they will have an oral interview about background, motivation and languages. During the interview phase, the Commission verifies knowledge of English at least at level B2 (in the absence of certification), personal preparation and, for international students (from year 21/22), also the possession of a certification of knowledge of Italian language at least at level B2.
If the international student has a certificate of knowledge of Italian language at least level B2, the Commission invites him/her to present an application for recognition for the Italian language activity (optional procedure for the student).

All the others will also attend a written test (open and/or closed questions) depending on the area to cover, communicated to them after the official pre-enrollment from 15th July and the Council answer.
The written text will last around 60 minutes. Students must prepare for the written text using the text indicated for each areas here below, depending on the Council answer to their pre-enrollment.

The interview and the test option will be decided later on, depending on the face to face or at distance modality.

Some copies of the books are available  in the library of the Department SFBCT.


Jerry Brotton, “A History of the World in 12 Maps” (2014), Allen Lane Penguin Books, London, (available in Opac UNIMC libraries)

Geography (candidates must choose 6 chapters)
History (candidates must choose 6 chapters)
Geography  + History  (candidates must prepared all the 12 chapters)

ECONOMY and LAW  area

Economic area

P. Kotler, G. Armstrong (2012) Principles of Marketing, Pearson Prentice Hall. parts 1 and 2. The whole text is retrievable at

Law area

De Luca Alessandra, Simoni Alessandro (2014) “Fundamentals of  Italian Law”, Giuffrè Editore, Milano or you can choose:

Ferrari, Giuseppe Franco "Introduction to Italian public law" Giuffrè Editore, Milano (available in Opac UNIMC libraries)


Sociological area

Wendy Griswold, (1994 or later) “Cultures and societies in a changing world”,Thousand Oaks, Pine Forge (available in Opac UNIMC libraries)


The interview about English level will be a general oral colloquium on everyday conversation and situations

For those students who would like to practice or exercise this website could be a general reference.

You could also attend our CLA courses if you like

If the international student has a certificate of knowledge of Italian language at least level B2, the Commission invites him/her to present an application for recognition for the Italian language activity (optional procedure for the student).


The oral interview aims to explore the candidate's educational background. A committee will examine skills and competences  achieved by the candidate at the Bachelor level