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TITLE AdUp - Upskilling Adult Educators

AGREEMENT NUMBER 2020-1-IT02-KA204-079557

FUNDING PROGRAMME Erasmus+ KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices; KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education

CONSORTIUM UNIMC - Università degli Studi di Macerata (Italy - coordinator); VHS Cham - Volkshochschule Im Landkreis Cham Ev (Germany - partner); PROMEA - Hellenic Society For The Promotion Of Research And Development Methodologies Astiki Etairia (Greece – partner); VAEV - Vienna Association Of Education Volunteers (Austria - partner); APRC - Alytaus Profesinio Rengimo Centras (Lithuania - partner)

RUNTIME from 01/10/2020 to 30/11/2022



The ability of educators to attract, motivate, and engage adult learners emerges as crucial in securing their participation to learning activities. To this end, adult educators, often ending up in such positions on the basis of their experience in a completely different profession and not trained as educators, need to continuously develop various areas of competence pertaining to didactics, such as effective communication, self-reflection, knowledge and use of different learning methods, styles and techniques. Improving this type of horizontal competences is expected to improve their ability to motivate adults to seek participation in learning activities and their overall teaching efficiency, and eventually contribute to a positive shift of attitudes towards adult learning.


The main goal of the project is to improve the quality of instruction in adult education in terms of learner motivation and engagement. Τo accomplish that, the project will provide a comprehensive framework of assessment and corresponding improvement of adult educators’ performance in the field of didactics. To achieve this goal, the project sets the following specific objectives:

1. Develop and provide tools to improve the assessment of adult educators’ knowledge, skills and competences in the field of didactics for adult education.

2. Increase adult educators’ performance regarding learner motivation and engagement through project training activities and resources.

3. Share recommendations enabling adult education providers to assess and improve their workforce's didactics competences.


The AdUp project is expected to have the following results and impact:

- A diagnostic tool for the assessment of adult educators’ performance with regards to motivating and engaging adults in learning activities.

- A modular course curriculum, also available in the form of a MOOC, to improve adult educators’ knowledge, skills and competences.

- A Certificate Supplement, allowing the integration of adult education didactics competences, with a focus on learner motivation and engagement, into the EU certification schemes.

- A recommendations paper to impact adult education providers' approach to assessing and improving their workforce's didactics competences.

- A Statement of Support on the endorsement of the developed resources and a network of adopters consisting of adult education providers who have integrated the project’s resources into their practices or are planning to do so.

- A three-day transnational training event to train the participants in the use of the AdUp resources.

- 4 national information days (one in each partnership country) to promote project results and set an open discussion on increasing the quality and effectiveness of adult education provision.

FUNDING PROJECT 319.275,00 €

FUNDING UNIMC 76.845,00 €

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR Prof. Lorella Giannandrea

PROJECT WEBSITE Work in Progress