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5th International Week 2018

5th International Week - from Monday 5 to Friday 9 November

International Seminars' WeekThe University of Macerata cares for students' formation and career opportunities, both paying serious attention to their courses' quality and looking at the world for the rich growth and exchange opportunities it does offers.

From this perspective we encourage strategic collaboration with international partners, meant to offer our students and teachers a broad set of training and research exchange opportunities.

Providing an international and intercultural sharing of knowledge and abilities, the aim of the International Week is to become an open access context, able to enhance students' professional, social and emotional skills.

The purpose of the International Week is together to increase international competencies through training in a foreign language and to form inter and multicultural expertise.

For more information about the seminars click on AGENDA.

The "Consiglio unificato delle lauree in Beni culturali e Scienze del turismo" (for the L-1&L-15 / LM-49 / LM-89 courses) stated that  the participation to 3 seminars (each of six hours) will be recognised as 2 CFU.

All the seminars provided by International Week are accredited for the PhD candidates of the cycles XXXIV°, XXXIII°, XXXII° of the PhD course in HUMAN SCIENCES, curriculum EDUCATION and curriculum PSYCHOLOGY.

Not later than 2nd November 2018, students who would like to attend the International Week must fill the following form: